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We’re in an “offside position”


The activity will start with the narration of the fortunes of two great sport champions during the Nazi regime: football player Mathias Sindelar and athlete Gretel Bregman.

The activity consists in playing a historical game where meaningful events both for the lives of the two protagonists, and  of an entire population, will be reconstructed and eventually will lead to a comment openly based on the meaning of offise: when and why both the footballer and the athlete were called “offside” by history and by their own lives? When is each of us in an “offside position” in our daily routine?


  • to acquaint students with the fortunes of the two sport champions during the Nazi regime
  • to make students approach recent history and make them aware that even individual choices can influence the developing of historical events
  • to work on the history and chronology of the period under consideration
  • to reduce the distance between past and present in order to raise awareness on how the choices of great personalities can become meaningful for individuals, even in everyday contexts


We’re in an “offside position”

Sport e sportivi sotto il regime nazista


Scuola secondaria di I°

2 ore

€ 105 fino a 15 a studenti, € 7 per studente ogni studente in più