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Padua Jewish Heritage Museum | Guided tour


Every Sunday at 4 pm a guided tour will make you discover Jewish traditions and the story of the Jews in Padua.

The Italian Synagogue and the Museum in the former Ashkenazi Synagogue will be the evocative set.

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The Italian

rite Synagogue

It is definitely one of the places to visit in Padua. Founded in 1548 and still in use; elegant 18th century decors enhance it


Guided Tour

and multimedia experience

Guided tours to assist you in your visit to the Museum, Italian Synagogue and ancient Jewish Cemeteries. The women's galleries arches become the screen for a pervasive multimedia experience.

Multimedia Tour

Temporary Exhibition

new paths

We tell our visitors the Jewish Culture through workshops, field trips, presentations, temporary exhibitions and active paths about Judaism and its various aspects.



Jewish museum

Located in the historical centre of Padua, namely in the ancient Ghetto area, the Museum narrates the events and rituals of the Jewish Community of Padua from its origins to the present. Its premises are in the first and largest Ashkenazi Synagogue founded in 1522, used until May 1943 when a group of Italian fascists set it to fire.

Its restoration has given us back a fascinating space enriched by the women’s galleries mark and the 19th century flight of stairs.

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Italian synagogue

The Italian Synagogue (1548) is still the prayer site for the members of the Community of Padua. The hall is marked out by the elegant and refined “marmorino” decorations and delicate stucco works dating back to neoclassic times.

The polychrome marble Aron-ha-Kodesh –the sacred chamber- is positioned on the Eastern Wall facing Jerusalem and opposite the Bimah. They say the Bimah- the lectern- was made from the wood of a centennial tree uprooted during a storm in the town Botanical Gardens.

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Jewish Ghetto

A very old story is narrated through these narrow and restricted streets: the story of the Jewish settlement, its commercial, social, cultural and religious past.

Four gates closed the Ghetto: a sign on one of them forbade Jews as well as Christians to go through the gates at night.

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Multimedia Experience

Inside the Museum, you can live a multimedia experience thanks to the pervasive video installation by film director Denis Brotto.

You can dive into the life of ten illustrious characters of Padua Jewish life. The characters come to life to narrate their stories through the places representing Padua Judaism.

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Stumbling Stones

Stumbling Stones- engraved brass stones- are placed in front of the former residence of a victim deported and killed by Nazi-Fascists: on each stone, just the name, date of birth, date and place of death,

if known, of an individual killed by the Nazis

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Presented at the ticket office of the Eremitani Museum, you will be entitled to a reduction on the admission ticket to the Civic Museums of Padua

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Padua Jewish Heritage Museum | Guided tour

Every Sunday at 4 pm a guided tour will make you discover Jewish traditions and the story of the Jews in Padua.

The Italian Synagogue and the Museum in the former Ashkenazi Synagogue will be the evocative set.

The meeting point will be at the entrance of the Jewish Heritage, via delle Piazze 26, Padova.

Booking in advance is needed:
tel. +39 049661267l.

We kindly ask male visitors to wear hats to cover their heads inside the Synagogue.


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