As Mezuzah contains in itself contents that will be shared, so also our blog offers you thinkings and articles on culture, traditions and events of Jewish Padua.

27 April 2021

we are back!

We are opening again and are very pleased to meet our visitors in-person. Since 26th April we have been allowed to open to the public: the Jewish Heritage Museum, the Italian Synagogue, the Jewish Cemeteries and the temporary exhibition “Light over Darkness”, extended until May 31st. You can visit our sites upon booking. Our proposals for the...

13 October 2020

Light over Darkness

From 29th October next, temporary exhibition from the Museo dei Lumi, Casale Monferrato The exhibition will offer the opportunity to know and appreciate Jewish culture and traditions linked to the Jewish Holiday of Hanukkah and to know both its  evident and hidden meanings. Hanukkah is a millenary religious celebration: the novelty of this...

11 December 2019

Medicina ebraica e Università di Padova

Materiali e pubblicazioni a cura del professore e rabbino Edward Reichman

16 September 2019

The European Week of the Jewish Culture

On the European Day of Jewish Culture, a week of meetings, films, theatre readings and guided tours focus on the profound meaning of the oneiric world.

15 July 2019

Jewish Manga Art

The very original work of the western mangaka who draws inspiration from Jewish culture

12 April 2019

The Jewish Heritage Museum of Padua. Fabrics, silvers, manuscripts, video installations

The story and the Jewish Community's everyday life throught the Museum's collections.

9 April 2019

Jerusalem a meeting point

Travelling througt photos by Maria Grazia Cavallo. The new exhibition in Padoua until the end of June.

5 April 2019

Waiting for Pesach …

Rav Locci wishes Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom in the words of the Paduan rabbi Mosh David Valle

24 March 2019

“The tunnel” A. B. Yehoshua

Thursday 21 March 2019 at 6 pm Abraham Yehoshua presents his new book "The tunnel" published by Einaudi.