Testimonies on the day of remembrance in Padua

Collection of videos on the testimonies of the shoah. Short stories, created using original testimonies and documents that happened in the city of Padua, to explain the Holocaust on Remembrance Day

Our videos tell the story of Paduan Judaism, the Nazi-fascist persecution, and the Holocaust in Padua..

You will find some videos available to you. In particular, the video "Three stories" that we propose on the topic of the Holocaust can be used for both educational and research activities.

It was produced in connection with a course for teachers for schools and to help students better understand the Holocaust and the lessons that can be drawn from it.

Our Videos

Testimonies of the Holocaust are important lessons of history. It is necessary to preserve them and share them with future generations.

The videos can be purchased individually or in a package. You need to register on the website to make a purchase. The videos purchased will be immediately visible from any online device forever.

We are committed to keeping prices affordable to ensure that these important content videos are available to as many people as possible.

We invite you not to miss the opportunity to purchase our videos to enrich your knowledge about one of the darkest periods of human history, and to pass on this lesson to future generations.

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The Jewish Heritage of Padua wishes to be close to its visitors and supporters by offering the possibility of watching some videos, in this special moment of our lives when entering museums or cultural sites is either not allowed or in some cases partially permitted.

At present, we can propose three of them:

Virtual tour

Virtual tour della mostra temporanea “Una luce dirada l’oscurità” inaugurata il 29 ottobre 2020 si concluderà il 31 maggio 2021. Il racconto della festa di Chanukkah e delle lampade a nove bracci reinterpretate da artisti contemporanei tra i quali Arnaldo Pomodoro e Emanuele Luzzati. Le lampade provengono dalla collezione del Museo dei Lumi di Casale Monferrato.

price: 8,00

Three stories

Three stories”, created on the Holocaust Memorial Day 2021: memory between awareness and oblivion. It is a short documentary produced thanks to Filippo Tognazzo and Gina Cavalieri with Sergio Marchesini’s music. Three Stories collects the memories of three women who personally lived the Shoà like Lia, or through family members such as AnnaLisa and Sara. Special thanks to these extraordinary women who chose to remember and to Ottavia Piccolo who enriched the video by her voice.

price: 8,00


Esedra, a re-exploration of the video installation “Generation comes, generation goes”, which can be seen as an enveloping screening at the Jewish Heritage of Padua. The film Director, Denis Brotto says:” I wanted to tell the life of the Jewish Community of Padua through some of its most relevant members, from 1400 to the present: rabbis, mayors, rectors, people who stood out and whose memory is still alive today. This work is ideally the story of all the women and men who were part of the history of the Jewish Community”.

price: 10,00

3 video package [Esedra + Three stories + Virtual tour]

Buy all 3 videos here with significant savings, for only € 20.00.

price: 20,00