What we do

We promote the Jewish Culture through special projects, workshops, educational visits, book presentations, in-depth analysis, temporary exhibitions and active paths through Judaism in its various facets.

Expert professionals offer a lot of activities, for groups of children and adolescents, aimed at “learning by playing”. There are extraordinary openings and guided thematic visits for Italian and foreign groups who can   enjoy the visit to the museum, discover the Italian Synagogue and the Jewish Cemeteries spaces in town.

A part of the Museum exhibition-hall is used as a lecture hall, which allows us to host book presentations, professors’ lectures, seminars and panel discussions with scholars and experts.

The magnificent arcades of the women’s galleries have become the place onto which we project the video installation “Generation comes and generation goes” by film director Denis Brotto. A pervasive multimedia experience brings back to life ten important characters who lived in Padova and were members of the local Jewish Community.

Temporary exhibitions follow one another in the course of months and keep the exhibition area lively and  new. Photographs, pictures, paintings are some of the ways through which living artists have expressed their art. Thematic displays help people to investigate past events and learn through history.

On 24th January 2019 new “stumbling stones” were laid in front of the Museum’s very entry by German artist Gunter Demnig, who had conceived the idea in 1995. Presently, all over Europe , there are thousands of stones embedded in the cobblestones in front of the houses of the Jews persecuted and exterminated in the Holocaust. Bumping accidentally into a stone becomes “stumbling”, a pause to make you think and remember.

In 2010, the initiative was introduced into Italy, in Rome. The first stones in Padua were embedded in 2015. Please consult www.lepietredinciampoapadova.it for further information on the “stumbling stones” in Padua. The page is written and updated by Sofia Martinello.

We actively and effectively cooperate with the Italian Jewish Communities, with local cultural associations, with the Municipality and the University of Padua: we are thus in a position to plan wide- ranging meetings and events which attract a vast number of visitors.

Jewish Padua