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Queen Esther at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Padua


First of all Queen Esther (a disguised member of the staff) will tell children her story and the tradition which links this event to the Jewish holiday of Purim. She will refer to the images decorating the ancient Meghillat scroll exhibited in the museum.

In the second part children will be divided into groups. Some will get ready to dramatize the story, some will prepare noisy instruments (gragers) as from the tradition. The whole activity will end with a visit to the Italian Synagogue.


  • to understand and value the Meghillat Esther (the scroll with Queen Esther’s tale) as one of the most important pieces of the museum collection.
  • to know the story of Queen Esther
  • to understand  the traditions and  habits linked to  the Purim Holiday
  • to connect the Meghillat to Queen Esther’s Story and Purim
  • to know the most important parts of the Synagogue


Queen Esther at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Padua

La storia della regina Ester nella la sua pergamena (Meghillat Ester) e la festa di Purim


Scuola dell'infanzia e primaria

2 ore

€ 105 a gruppo fino a 15 partecipanti, €7 ad ogni studente in più