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Guess who you are … at Padua Jewish Heritage Museum


The meeting starts from some interviews to members of different ages of the Jewish Community of Padua, who answer the question: what does being a Jew mean to you? Then, students are asked to define what they feel they are, through identifying themselves with symbols and emoticons. As a third step they will try to recognise other people’s identities through playing the game “Guess who…?”

At the end of the game it will be possible for all the group to think over what has been done, underline what they identify themselves with, what they believe in, which beliefs and doubts qualify their identities.

Eventually, back to class, they will produce either video or multimedia works in which each of them will have the opportunity to “narrate” himself/herself. The students’ works will be exhibited at the Museum in a temporary exhibition on the identity theme, in May 2019.


  • to understand what being a Jew means for some of the members of the Jewish Community of Padua
  • to understand one’s own identity
  • to understand the great opportunity deriving from meeting different cultures and identities
  • to acknowledge the Museum as a place for meeting and exchanging different identities and cultures


Guess who you are … at Padua Jewish Heritage Museum

L'identità propria e l'identità di ciascuno


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